A Long Two Years

Discreet fuck buddy affairs have kind of played a significant part in my life. My husband has been in a coma for two years now and without having an affair I would have become extremely lonely. I know it sounds horrible, but I will not divorce him or give up on him. I just feel saddened at times and need someone to be there for me in those times. I am not in a committed relationship, I just like to spend time with someone once in a while. Even if I did jump into another relationship, I would leave them in a heartbeat if my husband woke up. He has and always will be my everything, I just need a little break at the moment. I have been busting my butt for years now paying for his hospital bills, so I deserve it.

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Thank You Income Tax!

I had to sit for hours with my accountant to get my taxes figured out, I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I actually thought that I owed money to the IRS but I found out that I was getting about $3000.00 back because of some new government guidelines. For days I thought about some things that I wanted to get done around my house and of course I was going to treat myself to something sweet!

When the money was deposited into my checking account a couple of weeks later I headed to the store to get some paint and a new washer and dryer. I painted my entire laundry room in a couple of hours and hooked up my new appliances. Then it was time for me to call the Leeds escorts agency to visit one of my favorite girls that is very expensive. I actually used my last $500 to spend some time with her and it was well-needed.

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Perhaps I Should Have Majored in Love…

Here I am, making a list of some ways to get some of my student debt paid off. As “getting a job” is at the top of the list, I pulled out the want ads to take a look. As I looked for the job listings, my eyes brushed across an advert that screamed Manchester escort agency in big bold letter, promising to be safe and pay well. Looking at the rate of pay, which is well above the standard rate that I will probably ever achieve with my history degree, I have come to realize that perhaps I went to school for the wrong profession. It made me wonder if the University provides any suitable classes. I also considered another student loan to cover such costs, until I realized that the whole point was to get out of debt. Picking up the phone and calling now!

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